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Car Body Scratch Remover and Repair Polishing Wax Kit with Sponge Cream Wax Body Compound Scratch Remover For Car and Bike Perfect Box with Grey Patchwork (Car Scratch Remover)

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Product Description

High-Quality Polishing Wax: The included polishing wax is formulated to effectively remove scratches and imperfections while enhancing your vehicle's paint finish.

Comprehensive Solution: This kit offers a complete solution for addressing deep scratches on your car, motorcycle, or bike, eliminating the need for multiple products.

Sponge Applicator: The kit includes a specially designed sponge applicator that ensures a smooth and even application of the polishing wax, making the repair process more precise.

Potent Body Compound: The body compound in the kit is a powerful solution designed to eliminate deep scratches and restore the integrity of your vehicle's paint.

Versatile Use: This kit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, offering versatility in addressing scratches and imperfections on various surfaces, including cars, motorcycles, and bikes. Net Quantity - 15g

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