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Feng Shui Metal Windchime Bell 6 Pipes Rods for Positive Vibrations & Energy Home Balcony Garden Outdoors Office Decor Melodious Wind Chimes Sound (Gold)

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Product Description

Six-Rod metal wind chimes in the North sector of your home to activate career luck, networking luck, business opportunities, and friendship luck.

It helps if you are looking to attract a man if you are single, gain more help from influential people, or help the patriarch of a household.

With this in mind, the gentle and relaxing sounds from chimes have been known to help people to unwind, whilst enjoying some time outdoors.

It has been proven that certain types of music can be beneficial to people with high blood pressure or suffer from stress.

Wind chime helps to cure mind stress and gives peace to the soul, Wind Chime for Balcony, Window and Positive(Chi) Energy and Good Vibes | Entrance Wall/Door Hanging for Decor and Gift Items. Made in India

Soft Peaceful Sound - The sound is soft and peaceful, it will bring you joy every day! It's also ideal for meditation and yoga practices. You can hang it in your office or bedroom to relax after a long day at work or home.

High Quality Aluminium Pipes - Our chimes are made from high quality aluminium pipes with beautiful finish, which makes them look elegant and durable. We use only the best materials to ensure that our products last a lifetime!

The Perfect Gift - Give the gift of peace and tranquility, a perfect home decor for your living room. A great wedding or housewarming gift.

Unique Outdoor & Indoor for Festive Home Decor

Made in India Product By Local Girl Power

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