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Added on 28-11-2023
BY Abdul Bilal

2023 Employee Gift Ideas

2023 Employee Gift Ideas for Every Type of


Choosing gifts for your employees can be a huge responsibility. Whether you manage a small team or have thousands of employees in your organization, showing your workforce gratitude with meaningful employee gifts they'll love and use can have a transformative effect on morale and make them feel like part of the team.

From work anniversaries to employee birthdays, employee appreciation occasions, and cultural holidays - celebrating special moments with your employees can be simple, even if you need to gift hundreds or thousands of employees at once.

But it all starts with sending the right gift (at the right time).

Employee gift ideas for every team member (and budget)

Giving a great employee gift is rarely a one-size-fits-all matter. First, it depends on the recipient, with each individual having different preferences and needs. Secondly, it depends on the occasion and budget.

Luckily, we've made it easier than ever for you to send the right gift to every type of employee at just the right moment. Without even needing their address details! And your global employees? We've got that covered as well.

With Chapman, you can ensure your recipients always get something they love. Our unique platform lets you schedule and send employees a selection of gifts as a gift collection based on your budget and occasion - letting your recipients choose their favorite item and ensuring that each employee will find exactly what they love and works for them.

Find below some great employee gift ideas for your team, and make 2023 the year you nail the employee gifting game.

The Snackers

We all love a delicious treat every now and then, but some employees take it to the next level, keeping an entire drawer full of yummy snacks to munch on throughout the day. Those employees will love these delicious edible gift ideas. For more great snack employee gift ideas, make sure to check out our amazing Snack Collection.

Candy Club Festival Carnival Candy Bundle

With these colorfully amusing candies reminiscent of favorite carnival classics, snackers can enjoy the excitement of carnival fun with tasty fair-inspired treats at their fingertips—from Churro Bites to Cotton Candy Taffy.

Cookies for Grown-Ups Ultimate Sampler by Lark Fine Foods

This charming assortment offers the perfect size for sampling! Highlights include Lark’s best-selling Salted Rosemary Shortbread, staff favorite Coconut Butter and decadent (but healthy-ish) Cranberry Oat Chip Cookies.

OLIPOP 5-Flavor Soda Variety Pack

A delightful treat for anyone that loves to try new tastes, OLIPOP spent years crafting a drink that's as healthy as it is delicious. Their sparkling tonic combines prebiotics, plant fiber & botanicals to create a sweet-tasting, healthy soda that supports digestive health.

Gourmet Popcorn Discovery Kit

Snackers will delight in this DIY popcorn taste test. Featuring an assortment of seven flavors of popcorn kernels and a reusable microwave popcorn popper, this kit comes with everything needed to discover a new favorite flavor of popcorn.

Newest Members to the Team

Let’s not forget our freshest faces! Show your newest employee your excitement about them joining the team with one of these fabulous gifts that make for the perfect welcome to your organization.

Teak & Twine The Thank You

This curated box is a thoughtful way to welcome a new teammate. The Thank You box includes a miniature air plant, pour over tea, a scented candle, and plaid match set - all packaged with love.

Suplmnt X Water Bottle

This modern vacuum-insulated water bottle made from thick stainless steel keeps any drink cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours. A great touch to add to a new morning commute routine that comes along with a new job.

Arkose Backpack by Urth

The Arkose Backpack features 12 storage zones including padded laptop and tablet pockets. The outer shell is made from durable weatherproof recycled nylon to keep belongings safe.

Coffee & Chocolate Pairing Set

Talk about a great way to start a new job! Can there be a better pairing than chocolate and coffee? Discover secrets to tasting chocolate and coffee, and how a pairing of them works with this welcoming box.

The Remote Workers

Hybrid work is more common than ever, meaning you’ve almost certainly got some remote employees who would appreciate feeling like part of the team - even from afar. These gift ideas are perfect for any home office upgrade, and making your remote workers feel appreciated and like part of the office team.

Gauri Kohli Brilliance Marble Coasters

These stunning coasters are a wonderful addition to any desk - heping the remote employees protect their workspace from spills. And they’re not just functional; they’re also one-of-a-kind works of art handcrafted by skilled artisans. Talk about leveling up a morning coffee.

Miko Air Purifier & Oil Diffuser

Whether it’s about relaxing with some lavender or getting energized with lemon scents, the Miko Air essential oil diffuser and purifier is the perfect way to set the right mood in any home office with clean, great-smelling air.

Lexon 3-in-1 Wireless Station

Lexon’s wireless charging station is a simple way to keep a home-office desk organized and free of tangled-up cables. It even has a built-in speaker and microphone for Zoom meetings or background music.

NETGEAR Wi-Fi 6 Router

This first-class, high-speed router allows people to use multiple devices at once from laptop to smartphones to 4K TVs without compromising speed or reliability. No more frozen zoom screens for this remote worker.

The Ultimate Pros

Every workplace has that employee who oozes professionalism, showing a high level of dedication and engagement and always delivering great results day after day. Acknowledge these employees and show them how grateful you are for their hard work and impressive performance by letting them choose from one of these gift ideas they’re sure to love.

Audible Subscription

For the employee who’s always reading the newest bestseller, there’s no better gift than a six-month subscription to Audible. Give them access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts from every genre for much more interesting commute.

Oakywood Anthracite Desk Mat

This Merino felt desk mat is the ultimate in function, made from high-grade natural materials that elevate the comfort and look of any workspace. It’s perfectly designed to do its job, with every detail from moisture absorption to thermoregulation taken into account.

6 Months of Skillshare

There’s nothing like the gift of learning, and your pros will surely enjoy diving deeper into the topics that interests them. This membership gives recipients unlimited access to thousands of high-quality classes in a variety of topics like design, photography, music and more.

Lexon 3-in-1 Wireless Station

Lexon’s wireless charging station is a simple way to keep a home-office desk organized and free of tangled-up cables. It even has a built-in speaker and microphone for Zoom meetings or background music.

The Late Joiners

Try as they might, some employees simply can’t help but arrive to work late every day or join every Zoom meeting after it’s already gotten started. To help them manage their time a bit better, these gifts are a game-changer.

Marble Brick Alarm Clock

For a different, equally sophisticated alarm clock look, try this marble brick style. Its durable material will help it survive even if you get frustrated when it wakes you up early and knock it off your bedside table.

The Perfect Planner

Featuring a flexible layout and undated calendars this planner it can be customized to fit a person’s exact preference, no matter how spontaneous they may be.

The New Parents

Taking an interest in an employee’s family life by sending a gift for their new baby is a great way to build authentic connections. For teams with parents on them, these must-have team gift ideas offer a comforting touch during an exciting, chaotic, sleepless time!

Classics Rhymes Book Set

This set of baby books contains all of the classic favorites, like the Wheels on the Bus and Ten Little Monkeys, so parents can get their kids prepared for a future of singing and clapping with joy. They’re an essential in any new parent’s entertainment arsenal.

EarlyBird Investment

This gift is the perfect way for a new parent to invest in their child – literally. EarlyBird helps parents save for the future by investing in a simple, modern portfolio. Parents will appreciate it now; children will appreciate it later.

Carver by Aura Digital Frame

Give new parents a unique way to enjoy all of those special moments that happen as a baby grows up. This frame is minimalist and clean, fitting into any decor style, and features a color-calibrated display to show those memories as accurately as possible.

Hooded Waffle Towel

Ultra-soft and absorbent, the waffle weave towel is made for sustainable bamboo, free from harmful chemicals. It’s gentle, hypoallergenic, and breathable, perfect for keeping baby warm and happy.

The Ones Who Make the Office Greener

In an age where people’s awareness of the environment is higher than ever, eco-friendly products are always a hit. If you have an employee who comes to work every day with reusable everything and is always teaching people how to go zero waste, show them you share their values by sending one of these sustainable gifts or letting them choose their favorite. And there's much more where that came from, for more sustainable employee gifts check out our sustainable gift collection.

Smart Garden 9 by Click and Grow

The Smart Garden 9 helps anyone grow their own herbs, fruits, or vegetables , even if they don’t have a green thumb. With features like automatic watering and a companion app, it takes the guess work out of gardening.

MightyFix 6 Month Subscription

This sustainable subscription box delivers healthy, clean alternatives to common home products. Introducing recipients to an array of eco-friendly solutions, it's an invaluable tool in the journey toward living a more sustainable lifestyle.

MiiR Speckled Camp Cup Set

A throwback to the campfire mug of past generations, the reusable MiiR Camp Cup takes on beauty, durability, and functionality in one swoop, making it lovable for all the right reasons and a wonderful solution for sustainable drinking. Comes in a set of four dazzling colors.

Paravel Fold-Up Bag

The Paravel Fold-Up Bag folds flat for easy storage and portability and expands when ready for use. It's crafted using Negative Nylon and made from 22 upcycled plastic bottles. Satin smooth and double-layered for durability, the Fold-Up Bag is great for sustainable packing.

The Coffee Lovers

This employee is so knowledgeable about coffee that for all you know, they could be moonlighting as a barista on the side. Give them something to smile about with these java-focused gifts.

ZWILLING Enfinigy Glass Drip Coffee Maker 1

Sleek in design and advanced in engineering, this coffee maker’s features - like a wide showerhead, aroma tube, and blooming function - bring out the best in any beans.

Driftaway Coffee 3-Month Subscription

A delight for the adventurous coffee lover, this coffee subscription helps people discover their favorite new bean flavors. Even better, it helps create sustainable jobs for coffee farmers.

The ones who always turn the heat up

What’s that sound? Teeth chattering? Oh, that’s right, it’s that employee who’s always shivering no matter how warmly they came dressed to work. Help them out a bit by giving them one of these heart-warming gifts.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

This groundbreaking travel mug doesn’t just keep coffee or tea hot; it allows users to set it to their exact preferred temperature and keep it there for a full three hours for the perpetually perfect sip.

Great for use in the home or office, this foot heater is lightweight and compact, keeping feet warm and comfortable for a full eight hours. No more shivering your way through the work day. It’s user-friendly, with no screens or dials getting in the way of toasty feet.

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit with Steel Finish

This small, on-the-go fire pit creates a cozy, warm atmosphere any place you take it. Made of cast iron and steel, it's portable yet sturdy. Best of all, no assembly is required, so you can enjoy the warm glow in minutes.

Mini Power Bank & Hand Warmer

This fun traveler power bank not only has your back when your phone decides to die but also comes with a built-in hand warmer, warming up frozen fingers in a flash. Take this power bank hand warmer with you every time you need some extra battery life and warmth.

The Binge Watchers

We don’t know about you, but we’re always grateful for the TV and movie-loving employee in the workplace who is always ready with suggestions for something to binge over the weekend. These gifts are sure to be a box office smash with them.

Chromecast with Google TV

This device is a must-have for anybody who loves media. It organizes all entertainment in one place and offers a suite of smart features from tailored recommendations to voice control.

Braided Pom Pom Throw

Soft to touch and yummy to snuggle with, this is a wonderful TV blanket for bing watching. Crafted to be super fluffy yet breathable, this blanket can stay radically soft for years.

The Relaxers

Here’s to the employee who knows the value of finding a moment of peace and quiet in our busy world. These gifts are the perfect way to help them relax and unwind any time.

Wildflower Hammock

This eco-friendly hammock was designed for staying cool and relaxed all summer long. It’s lightweight, packable, and easy to hang, allowing people to enjoy a moment of relaxation in comfort and style.

Crystal-Powered Sleep Mask

To get some much-needed rest in after an active day, this silky, lightweight sleep mask is just the thing. The wide ear covers help reduce noise while the tiny crystal filling radiates the perfect soothing energy.

The Music Lovers

These gifts are for the employee who you always feel comfortable handing the aux cord to. They have impeccable music taste and they’re always discovering new artists to get the rest of the office hooked on.

Stir It Up Wireless Turntable by House of Marley

Every music lover knows there’s nothing like vinyl to create a superior listening experience. This wireless turntable seamlessly connects to speakers and delivers premium audio quality so you don’t miss a single note.

Lexon Mino+ Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is as beautiful a desk accessory as it as a high-quality speaker. Small yet powerful, it can deliver three hours of playtime off of a single charge. Afterward, just pop it on a wireless charger to get it powered up again.

The Ones who Like to Keep Things Sanitized

After COVID-19, it’s only reasonable to be afraid of getting sick. But some employees take it to the next level, keeping themselve protected and their space sanitary, no matter what it takes. These gifts are for them.

Fresh Start Green Cleaning Gift Box

This gift box gives employees everything they need to keep their space perfectly clean. It’s packed with essentials and the products are all compostable and biodegradable, helping save the planet as they clean their workspace.

2L Humidifier & Diffuser

This dual-function air humidifier is the perfect gift to deliver comfort, relief, and relaxation. It’s great for self-care, helping keep stress levels down and improve sleep so you can breathe easy knowing you’re taking good care of your body and soul.

The Interns

And last, but certainly not least, is the dependable, fresh-faced intern without whom the team simply would not be able to run. Thank them for that appreciated youthful energy they bring to the table with one of these gifts.

Verdant Succulent Garden

This beautiful succulent garden is the perfect way to bring some life into an office space. Containing three medium-sized, hard-to-kill succulent plants, it offers all the joy of house plants with a small fraction of the effort.

Cookie DO Best Sellers - 4 Pack

Everybody deserves a treat after the first day or week in a new internship. This 4-pack comes with Cookie Do’s best-selling edible cookie doughs for a yummy sampler set. Eat them as is or bake them into a fresh batch of cookies, either way you’re sure to enjoy them.

Chapman has gifts for every kind of employee

Our gift collections are carefully curated by a team of professional gifting experts and feature a constantly updated selection of thousands of employee gifts both from leading brands and small and sustainable businesses. Best of all - collections are built by pricing tiers, so you can always stay within your gifting budget and track your spending.

Ultimately, the best corporate gift idea for employees of all is the gift of choice. If you’re stressed about making sure you choose the exact right gift, by letting employees choose their own gift from a curated collection you can relax knowing that you can be certain your employees will love their gift. After all, they’re chosen it themselves! With dozens of curated gift options full of popular choices, each employee is sure to find something they’re excited about.

Ready to celebrate your employees in the moments that matter?

There are plenty of opportunities to send meaningful gifts in 2023, from Employee Appreciation Day in March to celebrating an employee’s work anniversary or even just saying thank you for a job well done.

Whether you’re looking for employee gift ideas on a budget or you’ve got more to spend, we've got the perfect solution for long-term, cost-effective giving. All you have to do is input your employees’ names and contact information and choose a gift collection.

From there, we will do all of the hard work for you, emailing your giftees with a special gift reveal experience, allowing them to choose their favorite option, and taking care of all of the shipping. It’s so easy that you can do it multiple times throughout the year, sending gifts for any holiday or special occasion that you choose.


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