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Added on 24-11-2023
BY Abdul Bilal

DO's and DON'Ts

Corporate gifting is complicated because it creates an impression on the receiver. To create a positive and impactful impression on the receiver you must know the etiquette of corporate gifting. Yes, you read it right, there are some dos and don’ts in corporate gifting.

Dos of Corporate Gifting:

When it comes to corporate gifting there are a few Dos that you must keep in mind. Listed below are a few Dos that you must follow while you are corporate gifting:

  • Researching recipients' preferences and interests: The first and foremost, most crucial step before you pick your gifts for your recipient is to know their preferences, likes, or interests. Taking the time to understand what they like and show interest in will help you choose a gift that is meaningful and tailored to their taste. This helps you achieve the recipient’s maximum satisfaction.
  • Choosing thoughtful and appropriate gifts: Choosing high-quality, thoughtful, and appropriate gifts is the key to achieve your goal in making the recipient happy. Opt for items that reflect the value you place on the relationships and show that you have put your effort into selecting something special just for them. This helps you to make the recipient feel special making it easier for you to know that your strategy is working. This step is important because it reflects your professionalism and thoughtfulness, which in turn shows how grateful you are to have them associated with your company.
  • Personalizing gifts to create a meaningful impact: You may also personalize the gift with creative handwritten notes or even your company’s branding or logo. This adds a personal touch and makes the gift more special for the recipient. Not only does it help the recipient feel special, but it also helps you promote your brand and create your own brand ambassadors while the recipient uses that item which also indirectly advertises your brand. It is a win-win, isn’t it?
  • Observing cultural and religious sensitivities: This step is very significant for corporate gifting because you demonstrate respect and inclusivity towards individuals of various backgrounds. By being mindful of cultural and religious customs, you can also avoid inadvertently causing offense or discomfort. It shows that you value diversity and are considerate of the beliefs and practices of others.
  • Following company Branding policies and guidelines: It is also important or more like crucial to follow any company policies or guidelines for gifting. This ensures that you are adhering to the rules and regulations set by your company which in turn creates a great impression on the recipient towards you and your company. By following the guidelines and policies set by your company and the recipient, you demonstrate professionalism and respect for your company’s values.

So choosing the right gift is very crucial as it shows who you are and what your company is. One wrong move and the impression you create may reach in a different way.

Don'ts of Corporate Gifting:

When it comes to corporate gifting there are also a few Don’ts that you must keep in mind. Listed below are a few Don’ts that you must follow while you are corporate gifting:

  • Avoiding overly personal or intimate gifts: It is important to avoid overly personal and intimate gifts while you corporate gifts because it can create awkwardness or discomfort in a professional setting. Corporate gifting is meant to show appreciation and maintain professional relationships, so it is important to choose appropriate gifts that help you demonstrate your professionalism. Professional or intimate gifts may be misinterpreted or may even breach boundaries that you and the recipient have set professionally, so choose proper and appropriate gifts.
  • Steering clear of controversial or offensive items: It is important to steer clear of controversial or offensive items because they can create tension, offend recipients, or even damage relationships. Corporate gifting should be a positive and inclusive gesture, so it is important to avoid anything that may be offensive to others. By choosing neutral and universally acceptable gifts, you can ensure that your intentions are well-received by the recipient and that you maintain a respectful and professional relationship.
  • Refraining from extravagant or lavish gifts: This step is very crucial because it can create a perception of impropriety, favoritism, or even bribery. Excessive or extravagant gifts may be seen as an attempt to influence business decisions or gain unfair advantages. By keeping gifts modest and within reasonable limits, you reflect integrity, fairness, and respect for ethical standards. This helps to maintain gestures of appreciation rather than attempts to gain favor.
  • Not using gifting as a means of bribery or favoritism: As mentioned previously, using corporate gifting as a means of bribery or favoritism undermines fairness, trust, and ethical business practices, it can create an unfair advantage or benefit for certain individuals or companies, compromising the integrity of business relationships and decisions. Corporate gifting should be focused on expressing appreciation fairly towards every individual that has contributed to the success. By avoiding bribery and favoritism, you promote a level of transparency and uphold values of professionalism and fairness in the business world.

Other factors you must consider while corporate gifting:

Now you must have an idea about what you should do and what you should not do while corporate gifting. But there are also other factors (listed below) that you must consider while corporate gifting:

  • Timing and occasion: As they say “timing is very important”, yes It is important in the field of corporate gifting as well. Timing and occasion are important while you are corporate gifting because they add meaning and significance to the gesture. It holds a story as to why you are gifting to that person during that particular time. By being mindful of the time and occasion, you can make your corporate gift even more special and meaningful.
  • Budget consideration: You must set a reasonable budget for your gift so that it helps you refrain from extravagant, lavish, and unfair gifts. You must explore cost-effective yet thoughtful items. It also helps to maintain financial responsibility. It helps you manage resources effectively and avoid overspending or underspending. Additionally, having a budget allows you to plan ahead and choose thoughtful items within the means. You can also strike a balance between showing appreciation and maintaining financial prudence in corporate gifting.
  • Packing and presentation: Your packaging must be eco-friendly which allows you to create a great impression that you give back to the earth. Presenting your gift properly adds a touch of professionalism and shows that you have put thought and effort into the gift. It creates a positive first impression and enhances the overall experience for the recipient. Well-packaged gifts also convey a sense of value and importance, making the recipient feel appreciated and special.

It is crucial to follow the Dos and Don’ts that we have mentioned above as it helps to maintain and strengthen professionalism, healthy business relationships, and positive rapport, and also helps you build and create new connections, partners, associates, etc…By adhering to proper etiquette, you show respect for cultural and religious norms, demonstrate thoughtfulness, and enhance your reputation as a considerate and professional individual or organization.

Ultimately, sincerity and genuine appreciation should be at the heart of every corporate gifting endeavor. Happy gifting:)


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